Multivariable Control System Design

Code 3.3.3190.8
Semester 8th
Flow S - Signals, Automatic Control and Robotics
Category Obligatory by selection
Credits 4
Class Hours - Lab Hours 0 - 0


The multivariable control problem. State equations, transfer function matrix, poles and zeros of a multivariable system, controllability, observability and Kalman decomposition, controllability and observability indices, similarity transformations and canonical forms. System matrix description, polynomial matrices, Smith form, relatively prime polynomial matrices and criteria for controllability and observability, strict system equivalence transformation and canonical forms. Lyapunov stability, stability of the closed-loop system, robustness and integrity. Compensator design in the time domain, pole placement by full and unity rank state feedback, full and reduced order observers, Kalman filter, least quadratic optimal control, robustness and integrity properties of the optimal controller, optimal controller realization by state observers, loop transfer recovery. Noninteracting control, decoupling by state feedback and a constant or dynamic input transformation. Compensator design in the frequency domain, Nyquist stability theorem, Inverse Nyquist Array and Characteristic Loci methods. Realization theory.