The Information Management Unit of ECE-NTUA participates in ASCLEPIOS, a new Horizon 2020 research project funded by the European Commission. ASCLEPIOS is a 3-year project funded under the “Improving health information and better use of health data” programme. It begun in December 2018 and will end November 2021.

ASCLEPIOS is developing a cloud-based eHealth framework utilizing modern cryptographic techniques and trusted execution environments, in order to protect user’s privacy from internal and external attacks. With ASCLEPIOS, users will be able to verify the integrity of their devices as well as the trustworthiness of the cloud service provider prior to use. ASCLEPIOS will also offer a solution for healthcare practitioners and researchers to perform statistics on medical data without infringing privacy of the patients.

The project will produce three near-production demonstrators, with the involvement of the healthcare partners, to showcase the above ASCLEPIOS functionalities in diverse use cases. Further, as the human factor plays an important role in avoiding security risks, security awareness events for the healthcare industry will be conducted during the project.

The Information Management Unit (IMU), which participates in ASCLEPIOS, is engaged in IT management R&D activities and is developing modeling methods and enforcement mechanisms for context-aware security in modern cloud-based healthcare systems.

Specifically, IMU is leading the work of the development of context-aware access policies modeling and enforcement efforts along with their combination with security awareness techniques. The focus of the research is on modeling attributes for constituting enforceable policies that either define contextual conditions under which the access to specific parts of healthcare data stored in the cloud is allowed or allow for the decryption of attribute-based encrypted sensitive data.

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