27 Professors of ECE-NTUA among the top 2% of highly cited scientists in the world

Stanford University and Elsevier have published the ranking of the 2% of the most influential researchers in the world in all scientific disciplines for 2021, retrieving data from the SCOPUS database and using a range of parameters for the harmonization of each scientist's research contribution and influence. As a result, a list of the top 190000 scientists from all scientific subjects (as well as those ranked in the top 2% in their main subfield discipline) was compiled.

Twenty-seven (27) Professors from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the NTUA are included in the lists.

The first list refers to all years analyzed (1996-2020) and includes the following 27 Professors of ECE-NTUA:

N. Hatziargyriou, P. Maragos, P. Georgilakis, S. Tzafestas†, S. Papathanassiou, E. Hristoforou, G. Korres , C. Vournas*, G. Mentzas, K. Nikita, S. Manias*, E. Varvarigos, E. Glytsis, H. Doukas, J. Psarras, D. Fotakis, S. Kollias, F. Afrati*, T. Varvarigou, P.-P. Sotiriadis, S. Papavassiliou, N. Uzunoglu*, J. Tsalamengas*, A. Panagopoulos, A. Antonopoulos, H. Avramopoulos, G. Fikioris.

A second list referring to the year 2020 includes the following 12 Professors and 1 EDIP of ECE-NTUA:

N. Hatziargyriou, P. Maragos, P. Georgilakis, G. Korres, H. Doukas, G. Kyriakopoulos (EDIP), S. Tzafestas†, S. Papathanassiou, K. Nikita, S. Papavassiliou, A. Antonopoulos, S. Manias*, E. Varvarigos.

(Retired/emeritus professors are marked with * and deceased with †)

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