Christos Kareliopoulos


  •   +30 (210) 7724365
  •   Office Α.1.8, 1st Floor, Electrical and Comp. Engineering


The tasks entrusted mainly involve the technical support of the PCLAB of the School, the Secretariat (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) and the Finance Office.

More specifically, the work being done is as follows:

  • Setting up the labs curriculum.
  • Download a backup image from each lab based on the software requirements of course tutor and install it to all clients.
  • Preparation of the workshop for the implementation of the Pan-Hellenic Information Technology Competition (UNIX).
  • Recovery of problems that arise in hardware or computer software of laboratories or the Secretariat of the School.
  • Manage the Labs and School Servers (2 Windows Servers, 3 FTP Servers, 2 UNIX Servers).
  • Participate in the development team of the School's web site.
  • Collection and updating of information and content of the School
  • Post new posts and announcements to the School site
  • Problem solving of the users of the secretariat on issues related to student use and application of certificates.
  • Creation of queries in the Database in response to requests from faculty members or the secretariat.
  • Exporting statistical data from the Secretariat database, which are sought by specific agencies (Ministry of Education, Statistical Service, School Administration, etc)
  • Managing the on-line registration system of the Post graduate Students (Recovering problems with student entries or statements - updating students with entries from the online registration system - informing faculty members about the approval process before the beginning of each semester)
  • Management of the expenditure management system, which is installed at the School's Secretariat (School's Office of Economics),
  • Organization of teleconferences for electors of the SHMMY School using the GRNET ePresence system. Communicate with members of the Special Crisis Committee (from Greek or foreign Universities) and create test links to address any problems.
  • Updating clients with new NTUARIS versions (Information system for managing sql database),
  • Technical support of the microphone installation at Amphitheater 1 of the School.