Physics III (Wave and Quantum Physics)

Code 9.4.3102.4
Semester 4th
Category Obligatory
Credits 6
Class Hours - Lab Hours 4 - 1
Lecturers Konstantinos Farakos (School of AMPS), Ioannis Raptis (School of AMPS), ΠΑΤΡΙΝΟΣ Κ.


Wave Physics:
Free oscillations of continuum media. Classical wave equation and solutions for open and closed systems. Plasma oscillations in the ionosphere, Klein – Gordon Equation. Fourier methods in an elastic medium. Bandwidth theorem. Impedance and energy flow. Reflection - Transmission at discontinuities. Applications with travelling waves in transmission lines. Plane Electromagnetic Waves. Dispersion, wave-packets, group velocity. Waves in two and three dimensions. Mixed waves (wave-guides and optical fibers). Waves in optical systems. Interference and diffraction, Bragg law – Application in X-ray powder diffractometer. Polarization.
Quantum Physics:
Elementary quantum effects, particle-wave duality, de Broglie waves. Position and momentum domain. Wavefunction of free particle, time evolution. Schrödinger equation and statistical interpretation, normalization, boundary conditions. Hamiltonian operators, position and momentum operators. Eigenfunction – eigenvalue problem. Solutions in bound states, time independent Schrödinger equation, state superposition (stationary and moving states). Heisenberg's uncertainty principle (mathematical and physical interpretation). Problems of bounded states in one dimension, Scattering problems in one dimension. Tunneling effect, transmission coefficients. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM). Quantum harmonic oscillator in one dimension.