Energy Production and Management

The Inter – Departmental Postgraduate Course “Energy Production and Management”, coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), aims at the systematic professional development of mechanical engineers in the field of energy production and management. Rapid developments in energy technology, new priorities in energy consumption policy and modern requirements in the marketplace render specialization in this field, which is characterized by a multidisciplinary nature, necessary. The Programme offers a full postgraduate education in the following areas:

  • Energy Production
    • Renewable energy sources
    • Power plants and electricity production system
    • Fuels (carbon, oil, natural gas, bio-fuel, bioethanol etc)
  • Energy Use
    • Energy and housing constructions (passive and active design of heating and cooling systems, housing constructions with a minimum loss, energy management systems etc) Energy and industrial installations (thermal electric applications, cogeneration, recuperation of heat etc)
    • Energy and transportation (conventional means of transport, electric drive etc)
  • Energy Saving
    • Energy management (automatic control systems, measuring systems, accounting methods)
    • Energy saving and programming

For further information, you could refer to the program's website.