The Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programme "GeoInformatics" operates in the National Technical University of Athens since the academic year 1998-99 with the participation of: (a) School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, (b) School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and (c) School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering. The general coordination and support of the program as well as the awarding of the degree is undertaken by the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering. The Programme is addressed to graduates of Technical but also other universities. It provides specialization in: (a) the collection, georeferencing, description, interpretation, and mapping of geospatial data of the physical, artificial and socio-economic environment, (b) spatial analysis and design, and (c) the development of various geo-applications employing state-of-the-art methods and cutting-edge geospatial technologies.

The duration of the Programme is three academic semesters. Awarding the Postgraduate Specialization Diploma (MSc) requires: (a) successful completion at 8 courses (4 core and 4 specialization), and (b) successful completion of a research thesis. The total credits (ECTS) corresponding to the acquisition of the Diploma is 90. Until the end of 2016, there have been 2026 applicants, out of which 484 have been selected, while 418 postgraduate students have received their Diploma Specialization.

For further information, you could refer to the program's website.