Electrical Design

Code 3.7.3035.7
Semester 7th
Category Obligatory
Credits 5
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 1
Lecturers Perikles Bourkas, Ioannis Gonos, Vangelis Marinakis, Nikoleta Ilia (T & R Associates), Nikolaos Kimoulakis (T & R Associates), Vassiliki Kontargyri (T & R Associates), Grigorios Kyriakopoulos (T & R Associates), Ekaterini Polykrati (T & R Associates), ΑΝΔΡΟΒΙΤΣΑΝΕΑΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΣ
Links Helios
Web Platform Class 1: Webex


Introduction to mechanical design. Regulations. Designing mechanical components. Methods, views, sections, dimensions, bolts, nuts, threads, applications. Electrical designing. General meanings and knowledge. Regulations. Conductors, cables, tubes, interior electrical installations (IEI) switch boards. IEI switches - fuses themes , classification, usage, calculations, designing. IEI studies, calculations-design. Methods, IEI circuits, house IEI, calculations, study. Electrical machines. Transformers. Electric power conveyance and distribution systems. Rectifiers. DC and AC motor circuits. Transformer and sub-station circuits. Rectifier circuits