2024 HIAS Summer School in AI

Δημοσιεύθηκε 26/04/2024

Today, there is hardly any scientific field or part of our society that has not been touched by AI. From self driving cars and drone assisted agriculture to processing of law cases and better medical diagnoses, AI is opening up new horizons for humanity.

There is a global competition for leading the AI revolution and the countries, companies, and universities that win - in computing, data, and minds - will be positioned to win a much larger game. This competition will be won by those who recognize the core competencies required to excel and the critical challenges that emerge as byproducts of these capabilities.

The Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens co-organize this course, which brings together distinguished AI leaders from the Hellenic diaspora and Greece to teach this summer course in AI.

This course aims to review the foundations of AI and highlight recent advances (foundational models, Generative AI, LLMs). Lectures are aimed for participants who have some basic knowledge of AI. Registration to the course is free of charge.

Information and registration: https://hellenic-ias.org/aicourse2024/