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NTUA Digital Health Day 2023 was a success

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the NTUA Digital Health Day 2023, an event showcasing the remarkable achievements in the field of digital health innovation of two teams of graduate students, Cordia and Nanay, from the courses "Biodesign Fundamentals" and "Biodesign Innovation Process" of the M.Sc. in Translational Engineering in Health & Medicine (TEAM).

9th June, 2023

IEEE JETCAS Special Issue on Unconventional Computing Techniques for Emerging Technology Applications - Guest Edited by Professor Pavlos P. Sotiriadis

The Special Issue was dedicated to the latest developments in the interdisciplinary field of unconventional computing, focused on three main directions: 1) Novel Techniques and Approaches in Unconventional Computing, 2) Circuits, Systems, and Architectures for Approximate and Stochastic Computing, and, 3) In- and Near-Memory Processing with an emphasis on Memristive Devices Utilization.

10th April, 2023


The NTUA Seminar on Artificial Intelligence (NTUAI) is continued with its second part during the spring semester.

6th April, 2023

HIAS Universal AI course

The HIAS Universal AI course is a three-day course on universal Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications, organised by the Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens.

2nd April, 2023