Dr. Sven Mattisson, Ericsson Research, Sweden, to speak on Tuesday October 17, 2017, at 15:00

The event is organized by :

  • Circuits & Systems Group of ECE NTUA
  • IEEE Greece CAS/SSC joint Chapter
  • IEEE Solid State Circuits Society Distinguished Lecturer Program

Lecture Title: From Bluetooth … to 5G

Abstract: The Internet of Everything, or the Networked Society, will require a diverse set of communications means and in particular wireless links with high speed as well as low-rate and low-power radios. The initial development of Bluetooth also addressed the latter and an overview of the Bluetooth radio design ideas is given. Fundamental limits of radio performance parameters, e.g. power consumption and dynamic range, and how they relate to circuit design are reviewed. The presentation closes with an overview of what 5G will bring in terms of requirements and possibilities.

Short Bio: Dr. Sven Mattisson received his PhD in Applied Micro Electronics from Lund University in 1986. From 1987 through 1994 he was an associate professor in Applied Micro Electronics in Lund where his research was focused on circuit simulation and analog ASIC design. In 1995 he joined Ericsson in Lund to work on cellular handset development. Presently he is with Ericsson Research in Lund, where he holds a position as senior expert in analog system design. Since 1996 he is also an adjunct professor at Lund University. Dr. Mattisson is a coinventor of Bluetooth and has been serving as technical program committee member for the International Solid-State Circuits Conference and the European Solid-State Circuits Conference. Presently he is working on 5G radio circuits.

For more information see: Lectures_Mattisson