A large number of educational, research laboratories and research groups are active within the ECE School. Additionally, the School’s liaison with the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) has laid the groundwork for the development of both under- and post-graduate studies as well as the technological advances in the research fields the different laboratories and groups are active in (fundamental and applied).

The “Electrical Laboratory”, which was founded in 1911 is the predecessor of the currently active laboratories in the ECE School. Nowadays, there are 25 active institutionalized educational and research labs in the School. Moreover, there is a large number of non-institutionalized labs and research groups which have also been making significant contributions in both the teaching and the research processes.

List of Laboratories

The research laboratories currently active in the ECE are the following:

Electromagnetics, Electrooptics and Electronic Materials
Biomedical Optics and Applied Biophysics • Electron Beam, Plasma and Nonlinear Optics • Electronic Materials and Nanoelectronic Devices
Information Transmission Systems and Material Technology
BIOmedical Simulations and IMaging (BIOSIM) (*) • Biomedical Engineering • Electrical Materials • In Silico Oncology and In Silico Medicine Group (‡) • Intelligent Communications and Broadband Networks Laboratory (ICBNet) (*) • Microwave and Fiber Optics TelecommunicationsMobile RadiocommunicationsPhotonics Communications (*) • Radar Systems & Remote Sensing (*) • Wireless Telecommunications
Signals, Control and Robotics
Computer Vision, Speech Communication and Signal Processing (*) • Control Systems • Intelligent Automation Systems (‡) • Intelligent Robotics and Control
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence and Learning Systems (AILS)Computation and Reasoning (*) • Computing SystemsKnowledge and DataBase SystemsMicrocomputer and Digital SystemsNatural Language Processing (*) • Personal Computer (*) • Software Engineering
Communication, Electronic and Information Engineering
Acoustics Communication and Mass Media Technology (‡) • Algorithms and Logic (‡) • Communication Networks Simulation (*) • Computer Networks • Electronics • Formal Specification (*) • High Speed Communication Networks Lab (‡) • Media and CommunicationMicroelectronic Circuit Design (‡) • Microelectronics and Electronic Sensors • Mobile and Personal Communications (*) • Multimedia Communications and Web Technologies (‡) • Multimedia, Communication and Web Technologies (*) • NETwork Management and Optimal DEsign (NETMODE)Telecommunications
Electric Power
Economic-Energy-Environment Modelling (*) • Electric Energy SystemsElectric Machines and Power ElectronicsElectrical Machines Control Systems (*) • High Voltages (*) • High Voltages and Electrical Measurement Techniques • Lighting (*)
Industrial Electric Devices and Decision Systems
Decision Support SystemsInformation Management (‡)

(*): Unofficial Laboratory • (‡): Research Group