NTUA Central University Library

The establishment of the NTUA Central University Library dates back to 1836 while its organization and operation began in 1914. It was the first Central University Library of the country to have a collection, a regulation of operation, a library catalog, a classification system and an open or closed access on a case-by-case basis.

Today a total of 215,000 volumes of books and 100,000 volumes of magazines are now available at the Institution. The Central University Library of the Institution serves the teaching staff, the students of the NTUA and many technical scientists and students from other Higher Education Institutions.

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Library

The School Library is an open access library with a collection of 5,500 books, 4,500 bachelor and doctoral theses by the students of the School of ECE, 161 subscriptions of scientific and technical journals in the field of Electrical Engineering, , mainly in foreign languages, regulation of operation library catalog and classification system.


An important part of the academic institutions’ scientific work is presented through unpublished literature (gray literature) which includes bachelor, postgraduate and doctoral theses, internal (technical) references, teaching notes etc.

Aim of Artemis is the systematic archiving and dissemination of the intellectual production of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, with the help of digital libraries technology.

NTUA Press

NTUA Press aspires to be a positive intervention in the field of university and technical books but also in regards to books with cultural value in general. The publication of high-leveled books can provide an important service in education and culture, worthy of the educational, research, cultural and social role of the NTUA.

National Documentation Center

The National Documentation Center (EKT) constitutes a science establishment of national use at the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Its mission is to collect, organize, distribute and maintain the reputable digital content & data produced by the Greek scientific, research and cultural community. Through national and international collaborations, it supports participation in European programs, promotes entrepreneurship and the utilization of research results, produces statistics & indicators for research, development and innovation in Greece.

NTUA Central University Library – Electronic Publication Platform

The platform is currently running experimentally and will soon host two magazines of the National Technical University of Athens. The already existing Pyrforos magazine, which will be digitized and available online, as well as a new magazine titled "Polytechnic News".