Students of ECE NTUA win Gold and Silver medals at SEEMOUS 2018

Image 1: Jason Milionis (left), Panagiotis Misiakos (right)

The ECE School of NTUA maintains competitiveness not only in the field of Engineering but also in the Mathematical Sciences. Towards this direction, ECE NTUA participated on the 12th edition of the South-Eastern European Mathematical Olympiad for University students (SEEMOUS) and attained the highest average points amongst all twenty one Mathematical and Technical Universities from seven different countries: Russia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Argentina and Czech Republic.

Image 2: Library of “Gheorge Asachi” Technical university of Iasy – Competition Center

In particular, SEEMOUS is an annual mathematical competition for undergraduate students who haven’t yet finished their first two years of undergraduate studies. This year’s edition was held from the 27th of February until the 4th of March at the Technical University of Iasi, in Romania. The competition consists of a one-day written examination with 4 theoretical problems from 3 areas of mathematics: Analysis, Algebra and Geometry.

Image 3: HMS Team

The ECE NTUA representative team consisted of two students, Panagiotis Misiakos who won a Gold Medal and Iason Milionis who won a Silver Medal. Panagiotis and Jason belonged to the team of Hellenic Mathematical Society (HMS) who came first among the teams of the competition. Congratulations Panagiotis and Jason, we are proud of your amazing performance and your remarkable achievements!

Current and past evidence shows that students of ECE NTUA learn to use mathematics efficiently not only for real-world applications to engineering problems, but even for pure mathematical problems themselves and thus, mathematical research. It is worth saying that this achievement is not the only successful participation of ECE NTUA at mathematical competitions. ECE NTUA is constantly working hard to further develop the university, maintaining high academic standards, giving students the chance to explore their talents, and actively motivating them to become distinguished and competitive amongst students from the whole world, providing the society with both successful researchers and skilled engineers.

See the SEEMOUS 2018 Final Results: