New Dual PhD degree Program between ECE NTUA and ECE MSU

Based on the common interest for the development and advancement of education and research the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Michigan State University (MSU) had agreed to start collaboration under a recently signed Memorandum by the two Universities. The collaboration between the two Universities among others could involve exchange of faculty members, researchers and students as well as joint research activities.

More specifically, the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering of NTUA and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of MSU have agreed on a Dual PhD degree program. In this program prospective PhD candidates should be accepted by both Universities satisfying the criteria of acceptance into the program of both Universities. A critical requirement is the involvement and collaboration of two faculty members, one from each University, that should serve as co-advisors by guiding and following the research of the PhD candidate that participates in the program. The PhD candidates should complete all the requirements set by both Universities for the completion of the PhD degree. The PhD candidates are expected to spend a reasonable amount of time in both Universities. After the successful completion of the research work the PhD candidates will be awarded separate PhD degrees by both Universities. The PhD diplomas issued by each institution upon the award of a PhD degree will bear a suitable notation, as determined by the degree granting institution, acknowledging the student’s participation in the Dual PhD Program.

The Dual PhD degree program, under the memorandum of collaboration between the two Universities, could also be adopted by other Schools or Departments between the two Universities.

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