ECE NTUA students win first prize for their innovative system

Observing a downgrade in people’s mental health in the past few years, because of the economic crisis and other parameters that cause uncertainty and elevated anxiety to individuals, four students of ECE NTUA decided to take a stand against mental illnesses and make a difference. A year ago they founded “ΑΓΩ”, the first greek startup that aims to detect and treat mental illnesses using technological means. More specifically, they are creating a low cost, easy to use and portable augmented reality system with full body interaction to treat various kinds of phobias. Up to now, the team has created a prototype of their system, as well as a respective medical protocol.

The team consists of Jacob Kritikos, ECE graduate, Chara Zoitaki, Manolis Anastasiou and Dimitri Adamis, ECE students and Stavroula Poulopoulou, student at the Department of Digital Systems, UNIPI. Together they are designing a realistic virtual environment in which phobic patients can safely exercise, as well as a dynamic system that provides personalized treatment to each and every patient, according to their specific traits.

Their work is already receiving recognition. More specifically, the team got accepted to present their innovative system at the 40th IEEE Conference for Engineering in Medicine and Biology. At the same time, on May 18th, they won First Place at the 3rd National IdeaTree Competition, organized by the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (aka Ι.ΝΕ.ΔΙ.ΒΙ.Μ.), where more than 150 startups applied. The competition consisted of 3 stages of screenings, and at the last one the team was asked to present their idea to a committee, alongside another 6 teams, winning First Place and a prize of 7.000 €. You can read more at the press releases at and at

You can find out more here on their website: