PhD student of ECE NTUA received the Best Demo Award at the ICAT-EGVE 2018 conference

We are pleased to announce that PhD student of ECE NTUA Georgios Pappas, his supervisor Konstantinos Politopoulos, and Joshua Siegel received the Best Demo Award at the “International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence & Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments” (ICAT-EGVE 2018) in Limassol, Cyprus, on November 7-9, 2018.

Title of the Demo: “VirtualCar: Virtual Mirroring of IoT-Enabled Avacars in AR, VR and Desktop Applications”.

Abstract: This demo features a virtual 3D car model based off a vehicle’s data duplicate, an IoT-enabled Avacar. There are three embodiments including a desktop application (VirtualCar), Augmented Reality (VirtualCarAR), and Virtual Reality (VirtualCarVR). The Avacar gets information from an external API serving information from a real or representative simulated vehicle, mirroring the sensors present in modern On-Board Diagnostic systems and the location data provided by a mobile device’s GPS. In each application, the Avacar appears at specific locations around the world, using the Unity Game Engine to virtually mirror the behavior of the actual or simulated vehicle in realtime.

This Demo is a first implementation and a part of the cross-disciplinary research of the team that combines Internet of Things with Virtual Environments in low-latency systems.

-Konstantinos Politopoulos is Associate Professor at the School of ECE of the NTUA

-Joshua Siegel is currently a Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and will be an Assist. Prof. at CSE department of Michigan State University from Jan. ‘19.

Photo Credit: Disrupt Cyprus