Prof. Mohsen A. Jafari, Rutgers University, USA, to speak at ECE NTUA on Thursday December 13, 2018 at 14:30

Lecture Title: Energy Analytic to Support planning for Clean Energy


Energy industry is slowly transforming from fossil fuel to clean energy resources, and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are becoming popular alternatives for cities and states to replace their aging infrastructure and reduce carbon footprint. On the demand side cities and communities are looking for alternatives, such as energy smart connected buildings, community level assets and electrification of transportation. Electrical vehicle (EV) load is expected to increase demand for power and bring more volatility to load profiles from buildings to communities and cities. On the other hand, EVs can be source of flexible loads that can be tapped into for demand response, load shifting and bi-directional charging. The economical value stack of a portfolio of clean energy solutions from DER to EV to energy efficiency requires rigorous analytics and supporting data for analysis and synthesis. This talk covers some of the models that Rutgers team has been developing to support cities, states and private stakeholders to plan and evaluate engineering designs and put in place economic incentives for clean energy promotion.

Short Bio

Mohsen A. Jafari is a Professor and Chair of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Rutgers University. During his tenure at Rutgers University for over thirty years, he has been involved with several leadership roles – including ten years as Program Director of Information Management Group at Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation, two years as Director of DoE funded Center for Industry Assessment, three years as Director of Laboratory for Energy Smart Systems, five years as head of Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and two years as Program Director of M. Eng. on Energy Systems. He has helped (as PI or Co-PI) secure over $24.0M R&D funding from the US government agencies and industry in R&D topics relating to automation sciences and engineering with applications in energy, transportation and manufacturing. His work has led to 120 refereed publications and patents, over 100 invited and contributed presentations and several technology innovations. He actively collaborates with universities and national labs in the US and abroad and has been supervisor to twenty-seven PhD. theses and seven post-doctoral programs. He is a member of IEEE and INFORMS, and was recipient of the IEEE excellence award in service and research and two Transportation safety awards. He has been technical and management consultant to many companies in the USA and abroad for over twenty-five years; and in this capacity, he has helped companies to launch advanced technologies and improve their business and engineering processes.

The event is organized by the Decision Support Systems Laboratory of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.