Andronikakis Alexandros to speak at ECE-NTUA on March 28, 2019, at 13:30

Lecture Title: Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots in Large and Complex Organizations

Abstract: This workshop will provide an introduction to Robotic Process Automation and will explain how this technology can be used for automating business processes in large and complex organizations. It will also cover common business and technical challenges that a team may face when trying to introduce an innovative and disruptive technology (such as attracting skilled resources, managing expectations of senior stakeholders, addressing technical stability challenges as well as achieving economies of scale via theintroduction of reusable components). The second half of the workshop will address the topic of Chatbots, their relationship with search engines and how they can assist with simplifying the retrieval of information.

Short Bio: Andronikakis Alexandros has studied Electrical & Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, and holds an MSc in Management, Technology and Economic from ETH Zurich. He joined Credit Suisse in 2012 as a Requirements Engineer for Anti-Money Laundering applications and soon moved to Group IT Strategy, where he worked as a Technical Architect on numerous projects in the areas of multi-channel application development, master data management and process automation. He also participated in the evaluation of multiple innovative startups as part of the bank's Innovation Fund. In 2016 he joined the recently established Compliance and Regulatory Affairs division, where he led the respective Robotics Process Automation and Chatbot initiatives, managing a team of 35 resources spread across 7 countries. Since October 2018, Mr Andronikakis is the functional architect of the Compliance division, with the objective to reduce functional duplication and the total cost of ownership of the IT systems supporting this division as well as to streamline their interfaces with other divisions.

The event is organized by IEEE NTUA Robotics and Automation in cooperation with the School of ECE-NTUA.