White Noise team will participate this year in USA CanSat competition

White Noise is a space engineering team founded in 2017 by ECE NTUA and Mech NTUA students. This year, White Noise is participating in the CanSat Competition organized by the American Astronautical Society and sponsored by NASA. The mission, set by the organizers, is to design and build a CanSat that can descent without using a parachute, utilizing only some free-spinning rotors. This phenomenon is similar to helicopters descenting while having an engine failure and is called auto-gyro descent.

The White Noise team successfully submitted the required Preliminary Design Report & Critical Design Report and ranked on the Top 40 teams worldwide. We are glad to announce that White Noise is the first ever Greek team that has passed to CanSat Competition’s final stage and will represent Greece and NTUA at the World Finals held in Texas in June 2019! Launch location is Stephenville, Texas.