Dr.techn. Tobias Berka, eurofunk Kappacher, to speak at ECE-NTUA on April 9, 2019, at 14:00

Lecture Title: A Technical Command and Control Architecture for Large-Scale Disaster Response

Abstract. Responding to large-scale disasters is a complex task. The regular staff of emergency dispatchers, who handle emergency calls and coordinate rescue workers in the field, is reinforced and shaped into a large disaster management task force. The whole technical infrastructure of communication and sensing systems, shared databases and resource managers must be put to effective use – and failure is not an option. Modularity and abstraction are key aspects that allow us to conquer the complexity of the task of connecting emergency dispatchers to response teams in the field. Based on a redundant system architecture, and a modern service-based approach, we can reach a technical architecture that satisfies the demands for this mission-critical infrastructure: scalability, redundancy, extensibility and abstraction.

Brief Vitae: Dr. Tobias Berka is development manager for three development teams and the infrastructure team working on the next-generation command and control software suite for eurofunk Kappacher. His industrial experience spans an arc from application developer in real-time operating systems to senior full-stack enterprise application framework developer and technical architect. Before transitioning to industry, he was an internationally visible computer scientists in parallel numerical algorithms and high-dimensional statistics for machine learning – and a Marie Curie alumnus with over 20 peer-reviewed publications as main author.

The event is organized by IEEE NTUA CS Chapter in cooperation with the School of ECE-NTUA.