26th Summer School – Conference on “Dynamical Systems and Complexity” @ NTUA

The 26th Summer School – Conference on “Dynamical Systems and Complexity” was hosted by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) on 14-20 July 2019. The School was attended by more than 80 graduate, post graduate and PhD students, as well as 35 professors and researchers from Greek and foreign institutions who gave introductory lectures and advanced seminars. Several subjects in the field of nonlinear and complex system dynamics were covered, including fundamental concepts and techniques of nonlinear science as well as various interdisciplinary applications in physics, biology, chemistry, technology and economics. This year, the Summer School was in memory of the late Prof. Gregoire Nicolis (1939-2018) who was a NTUA graduate (School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, 1962) and whose contribution to many fields of nonlinear science was invaluable.

Prof. Gregoire Nicolis: Short Bio

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