PhD Thesis Final Defense to be held on November 7, 2019, at 14:30

Photo Credit: Spyridon Angelopoulos

The examination is open to anyone who wishes to attend (Multimedia amphitheater, Central Library of NTUA).

Thesis Title: Design and development of magnetic sensors and their characterisation devices, based on magnetic effects

Abstract: Magnetic sensors are useful tools, offering the ability to detect and measure the magnetic field. They can be found in many applications in the fields of sciences, industry and transport. The design and development of magnetic sensors vary according to the desired characteristics and applications. However, the use of a calibration device, in order to initially calibrate the sensors and verify their proper functionality, is a necessary step in any case. As part of this PhD thesis, a magnetometer calibration device was developed, consisting of a magnetic field sensing element, an arrangement that produces the counter-acting magnetic field and finally, the required electronics for measurement and power supply. The operating principle of the developed device is based on measuring a physical quantity, in particular, time. In this way, it can be developed as a secondary, or even primary calibration standard. Afterwards, the device was used to calibrate the magnetic sensors that were designed and developed. Specifically, two Fluxgate-type magnetometers of different topologies were developed, providing high-sensitivity magnetic field measurements. Two devices for Non-Destructive Testing of ferromagnetic materials have also been developed. The devices include the electronics required to perform the measurements and send the data for further processing. They can be portable, in order to be used for real-time on-field measurements.

Supervisor: Evangelos Hristoforou, Professor

PhD student: Spyridon Angelopoulos