PhD Thesis Final Defense to be held on November 7, 2019, at 16:00

Photo Credit: Ariadni Chrisostomou

The examination is open to anyone who wishes to attend (Multimedia amphitheater, Central Library of NTUA).

Thesis Title: Radiation of Electromagnetic (EM) waves above flat lossy ground: Numerical evaluation methods in the spectral domain

Abstract: In this thesis we analyze the problem of radiation above flat surface. The classical solution of Sommerfeld for the radiation of Hertz dipole above flat lossy ground is represented with the usage of the Hertz vector potentials and does not conclude in analytical forms. There have been many attempts to solve the problem through the application of several methods, both numerical and asymptotic, in order to complete in analytical solution.

The purpose of this thesis is two - fold. First, we extract new closed-form analytical solution for the received electromagnetic fields. The analysis is made in the spectral domain, where we apply variable transformations, we provide new expressions for the electromagnetic field. Second, we implement Matlab algorithm in order to graphically represent the electromagnetic field and compare the accuracy of numerical calculation versus the stationary phase method. The simulation results allow for the selection of calculation technique depending on the operating frequency, but also indicate that the suitable criteria for selection of calculation method is the electrical distance k∙r between the transmitter and the receiver.

Supervisor: Panayiotis Frangos, Professor

PhD student: Ariadni Chrisostomou