PhD Thesis Final Defense to be held on December 20, 2019, at 14:00

The examination is open to anyone who wishes to attend (Decision Support Systems Laboratory, Meeting Room (Room 0.2.2, Ground Floor, Old Electrical and Comp. Engineering).

Thesis Title: Integrated Methodology for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Investments

Abstract: Μain scope of this PhD dissertation is to propose an integrated methodology for the promotion of renewable energy investments. The current dissertation presents an original multicriteria methodology for the analysis and estimation of the long-term electricity demand through the application of ordinal regression and robustness analysis, introduces an integrated methodological framework for analyzing the investment risks and assessing the cost of capital of renewable energy sources (RES) projects and proposes policy actions for the reduction of the risks and, consequently, the cost of capital of these investments.
This PhD dissertation aims to support energy decision makers (European Commission, National Governments, Transmission System and Distribution Network Operators, Energy Regulators) in forming sustainable energy planning and adopting effective energy policy measures towards the extensive implementation of investments in RES projects.
The contribution of this PhD dissertation is grounded on the following four key pillars:
• At first, efficient and robust tools are provided to the relevant stakeholders in order to facilitate them in the process of formulating a sustainable energy strategy in a holistic way.
• The innovation of the second pillar is twofold and involves the introduction of original ordinal regression models and the proposal of an integrated methodological framework for analyzing and estimating long-term electricity demand.
• The originality of the third pillar lies in the proposition of an integrated methodological approach for the identification and analysis of the investment risks and the quantification of the cost of capital for RES projects. This methodology is applied for the most dominant RES technologies at European and National level.
• The innovation of the last pillar incorporates the proposal of various policy measures for mitigating investment risks of RES projects in the European Union, the development of the respective web-based database on RES policy options and the analysis of the adopted policies’ impact on RES development during the financial crisis period in Greece, accompanied by national policy measures to reduce the related investment risks.
Finally, it should be noted that the collaboration with numerous experts in the RES markets, at both European and National level, was particularly important.

Supervisor: John Psarras, Professor

PhD student: Dimitrios Angelopoulos