New positions for PhD students at Ohio State University

Our Group: The “Wearable and Implantable Technologies” group at ESL-OSU is carrying out interdisciplinary research at the intersection of electromagnetics, circuits/electronics, and medicine. Our research interests lie on wireless and very-low-power, or even batteryless, implanted and wearable devices for unobtrusive: a) sensing/monitoring of neural signals, motion, and other bodily functions or vitals, b) neuromodulation, and c) physiological studies. Example applications include: tremor, Parkinson’s, stroke, prosthetics, limb and joint rehabilitation, wound healing, psychiatric disorders, addictions, glaucoma, etc. We are also specializing in a new class of flexible and stretchable electronics based on embroidered conductive E-threads to realize ubiquitous implants and inconspicuous wearables integrated into fabrics (e.g., for medical, sports, military, and space applications, among others).

The ElectroScience Laboratory (ESL): ESL is a major center-of-excellence in the OSU Dept. of ECE and one of the largest radio frequency research laboratories in the world. Since 1942, ESL has consistently maintained a national and international preeminence in electromagnetics, influencing radio research like no other institution in the world. In 2012, Columbus, OH was ranked in Business Week's 50 best cities in America. In 2013, Forbes gave Columbus an “A” rating as one of the top cities for business in the US. In 2010, the city was ranked in top 10 by Relocate America.

Candidate Profile: We are looking for highly motivated candidates (senior undergrads or MS students) to join our group and pursue a Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. A background in antennas, electromagnetics, circuits/electronics, or other related field is preferred.

How to apply: Interested candidates should contact Prof. Asimina Kiourti (, and include a cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV). Ph.D. positions are fully funded. Highly prestigious fellowships may also be available. Therefore, candidates are strongly encouraged to get in touch as soon as possible, as the Departmental deadline for these fellowships is fast approaching (November 30, 2016).

Further Information: Please feel free to contact Prof. Asimina Kiourti ( for any questions you may have. Further information is available at: