Big Data & Advanced Analytics Workshop

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the NTUA in cooperation with experts from Intracom Telecom and EESTEC LC Athens hosted a workshop on “Big Data & Advanced Analytics” on December 17-18, 2019.

The workshop aimed at presenting a high-level overview of the Big Data principles and relevant technologies as well as, different industry applications that could enable students to understand what the global market trends are.

Starting from a big data cluster infrastructure analysis, the speakers proceeded to Cloudera Ecosystem exploration with specific demos of the basic tools (e.g. Spark, Impala, Sqoop, etc.).

In parallel, by underlying the tasks & importance of each job role in the context of a big data project (e.g. data analyst, data scientist, system administrator, etc.), the speakers urged students to envisage their potential career path, based on their interests and ambitions.

At the end of the workshop, an interesting discussion took place regarding real-life big data analytics projects and particular job market needs.