23 Professors of ECE-NTUA among the top 2% of highly cited scientists in the world

A recent study published in the journal PLOS Biology, retrieving data from the SCOPUS database and using a range of parameters for each scientist's research contribution and influence, analyzed data of 7 million scientists with at least five published articles on the SCOPUS database. As a result, a list of the top 100 000 scientists from all scientific subjects (as well as those ranked in the top 2% in their main subfield discipline) was compiled.

According to an article by A. Papaioannou (University of Thessaly), the NTUA is the leading institution in the country in terms of the presence of its scientists in this list. Specifically, the list of the world's leading scientists contains 98 members of the NTUA or 18.28% of its faculty members.

From the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the NTUA, in total, 23 professors are contained in the lists:

22 professors of ECE-NTUA are contained in the first list referring to all years analyzed (1996-2019):

P. Maragos, N. Hatziargyriou, P. Georgilakis, S. Tzafestas, S. Papathanassiou, E. Hristoforou, C. Vournas*, G. Korres, K. Nikita, S. Manias*, E. Glytsis, Emm. Varvarigos, J. Psarras, D. Fotakis, S. Kollias, G. Mentzas, H. Doukas, F. Afrati*, P.-P. Sotiriadis, N. Uzunoglu*, J. Tsalamengas*, A. Panagopoulos.

A second list referring to the year 2019 contains the following 10 professors of ECE-NTUA:

N. Hatziargyriou, P. Maragos, P. Georgilakis, G. Korres, S. Papathanassiou, K. Nikita, H. Doukas, S. Tzafestas, S. Manias*, N. Koziris.

(Retired/emeritus professors are marked with * and deceased with †)

Article in PLOS Biology

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