Selection of an ECE-NTUA paper for the cover of the scientific journal “Technologies”

The paper "Analog Realization of Fractional-Order Skin-Electrode Model for Tetrapolar Bio-Impedance Measurements", by Vassilis Alimisis, Christos Dimas, Georgios Pappas, and Paul P. Sotiriadis, was selected for the cover of the MDPI scientific journal “Technologies” 2020, 8 (4).

This work compares two design methodologies, emulating both AgCl electrode and skin tissue Cole models for testing and verification of electrical bio-impedance circuits and systems. The models are based on fractional-order elements, are implemented with active components, and capture bio-impedance behaviors up to 10 kHz. Contrary to passive-elements realizations, both architectures using analog filters coupled with adjustable transconductors offer tunability of the fractional capacitors’ parameters. The main objective is to build a tunable active integrated circuitry block that is able to approximate the models’ behavior and can be utilized as a Subject Under Test (SUT) and electrode equivalent in bio-impedance measurement applications. A tetrapolar impedance setup, typical in bio-impedance measurements, is used to demonstrate the performance and accuracy of the presented architectures via Spectre Monte-Carlo simulation. Circuit and post-layout simulations are carried out in 90-nm CMOS process, using the Cadence IC suite.