Development of “EPIDOSE: A privacy-preserving epidemic dosimeter based on contact tracing”, with the support of the Circuits and Systems Group

The Circuits and Systems Group of the Laboratory of Electronics of ECE-NTUA designed the hardware and developed the embedded firmware for EPIDOSE within the framework of collaboration with the Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS).

EPIDOSE is an autonomous and portable, open-software, open-hardware device helping in monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread. Just as a radiation dosimeter measures dose uptake of external ionizing radiation, the epidemic dosimeter tracks potential exposure to viruses or bacteria associated with an epidemic, such as COVID-19, based on exposure to contacts that have been tested positive. It is based on Bluetooth technology and uses contact tracing to notify its user in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case encounter, while fully respecting its user’s privacy.

More information and details about the EPIDOSE can be found in the following link: