ECE-NTUA students Win Honors and Medals at IMC 2021

Image credit: Ioannis Tzachristas

Image credit: Eirini Miliori

Image credit: Andreas Charalampopoulos

ECE-NTUA students won one Gold Medal, two Silver Medals and one Honorable Mention at the 28th International Mathematics Competition (IMC 2021).

The IMC is the largest university student mathematics competition and it has been taking place since 1994. This year's competition was organized by the University College London and held online due to the coronavirus pandemic from August 2 to August 8, 2021.

The four ECE-NTUA students who were award recipients at the IMC 2021 are:

Ioannis Tzachristas: Gold Medal

Eirini Miliori: Silver Medal

Andreas Charalampopoulos: Silver Medal

Konstantinos Fotopoulos: Honorable Mention

To see the complete list of the award recipients: IMC2021 Results