23rd International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory, September 12-15, 2021, Athens, Greece (virtually)

The Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory (FCT) was established in 1977 as a forum for researchers interested in all aspects of theoretical computer science, and in particular algorithms, complexity, formal and logical methods. FCT is a biennial series of conferences, previously held in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Latvia, Norway, United Kingdom, France, and Denmark. The last five Symposia were held in Oslo (2011), Liverpool (2013), Gdansk (2015), Bordeaux (2017), and Copenhagen (2019). FCT 2021 will be held completely online, via the Zoom platform, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be hosted by the Computation and Reasoning Laboratory of the School of ECE, National Technical University of Athens.

website: https://www.corelab.ntua.gr/fct2021

Invited Speakers

- Constantinos Daskalakis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

- Daniel Marx, Max Planck Institute for Informatics

- Claire Mathieu, CNRS and University of Paris

- Nobuko Yoshida, Imperial College London

- David Richerby, University of Essex (tutorial)