MoU between Columbia University and the National Technical University of Athens

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Columbia University (CU) and the National Technical University of Athens for dual degree was officially signed on Wednesday, November 10th, 2021. The signing ceremony was held online, in the presence of delegations consisted of representatives from the administrations and the Schools from both sides. The momentum was signed by Professor Andreas G. Boudouvis, Rector of NTUA, and Professor Mary C. Boyce, Provost of Columbia University.

CU and NTUA agree to establish a dual degree program which, upon successful completion, leads to the awarding of two degrees: the postgraduate degree in various engineering disciplines from CU and the diploma (integrated Master) in various disciplines from NTUA. For students starting enrollment at NTUA, the program is expected to take 10 semesters for completion, including 8 semesters at NTUA and 2 semesters at Columbia. For students starting enrollment at CU (MS degree), the program is expected to take 4 semesters for completion, including 2 semesters at Columbia and 2 semesters at NTUA.

The Deans of the Schools from NTUA will organize the cooperation with the corresponding Schools in the CU toward compiling a course program for the students of NTUA who will study in the CU, which will meet the requirements in terms of prerequisites and credit units.

The implementation of the double degree program will start on a pilot basis, with a small number of students, who will be selected based on their academic performance. Covering the total cost of studies (tuition and living cost) will require multiple source funding.

The NTUA Rector A. Boudouvis emphasizes: “This collaboration is the first between a Greek University and a US University, which concerns a double degree for undergraduate students. Considering that CU is among the most distinguished universities worldwide, this agreement highlights the international reputation of our university and strengthens the status of the degrees of our students. In addition, this collaboration offers our best students the opportunity to get acquainted with study conditions and academic environment characterized by multiple cultures, extroversion, diversity, multidimensional campus life, creativity, leadership in education and research, working by joining forces through team work but, in the same time, with a lot of space for individual achievements and seeking opportunities in multiple directions. NTUA dares to respond to the challenge of reciprocity upon this agreement, by rapidly strengthening the internationalization of the studies, which, in any case, is dictated by its position on the European academic map.”

Primary Source: NTUA