The HOLOBALANCE project introduces the development and validation of a new personalized hologram coach platform for virtual coaching, motivation and empowerment of the ageing population with balance disorders. It has engaged experts related to the management of people suffering from balance disorders, towards developing a multi-stakeholder user-centred coaching ecosystem.

The HOLOBALANCE platform consists of a cloud-based big data analytics component, with intelligent data mining algorithms, that assess personalized heterogeneous data, emotional and behavioural data and provide personalized advice, guidance and follow up for motivation and goal setting. Three different types of coaching are provided by the platform: (i) balance physiotherapy, (ii) cognitive training combined with auditory tasks, (iii) multilevel motivation and physical activity promotion.

The contribution of the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS-NTUA) and the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of ECE-NTUA was the development of a mobile application that enable HOLOBALANCE users to self-evaluate their activity and progress, to communicate with each other and, through strategically selected motivational features, to engage with the system with undiminished interest for a long period of time. ICCS-NTUA was also the leader of the work package regarding the integration of the different components into a unified platform for virtual coaching and the evaluation of user acceptance.

For more info, you can visit the project’s website: https://holobalance.eu/

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