EESTech Challenge 2022: Meet the Local Round Athens winner

EESTech Challenge is a yearly competition for European university students/graduates with the aim to gain knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and expand their professional networks. The competition consists of several Local rounds organized by EESTEC branches in different European cities and the Final Round where the winners of the local rounds will compete with each other.

This year's EESTech Challenge Local Round Athens took place on April 9-10th, 2022, on the premises of the NTUA with the academic supervision of the AILS Laboratory of ECE-NTUA. More than 75 contestants from different Universities, including NTUA, split up into 25 programming teams and competed for 18 consecutive hours. The topic of the challenge was Machine Learning Applications.

It was a challenging event. The teams competed in three biomedicine-related machine learning tasks. The first was the detection of anti-freezing proteins; the second was skin cancer classification, and the third was categorizing research papers on Covid. The winner was decided using the Mean Reciprocal Rank criterion on the three tasks. The contestants were mentored and led by Dr. G. Siolas from the AILS Laboratory of ECE-NTUA.

This year’s winning team, mostly consisting of ECE-NTUA graduates, will travel in May to Milan for the final round (27th-30th of May), where they will compete with other winning teams from all over Europe.