Nobel Grid project

Through the dual-use of telecommunication networks, and validating the integration of renewable generation presence and demand response systems, NOBEL GRID will offer advanced services to all actors in the retail markets of the electricity system in order to ensure that all consumers will benefit from cheaper prices, more secure and stable grids and low carbon electricity supply.

The project results will be demonstrated and validated in real world environments with active involvement of all the actors, and based on the new business models defined during the project.

NOBEL GRID will cover three different types of Innovative Actions:

  • The first one, and core of the project, will be the development and demonstration of innovative solutions and tools in order to improve medium and low voltage electricity distribution networks, providing secure, stable and robust smart grids allowing DSOs to mitigate costs of management, replacement and maintenance of the grid in presence of very large share of renewable energy. This will include intelligent active control of the network, of the active and reactive power flows, fault and outage management, automatic control concepts, network synchronization, active loads and distributed storage integration. At the end, NOBEL GRID approach will provide to all customers better prices and the access to a low carbon electricity supply.
  • The second action is the development, integration and real demonstration of new services to be provided to all the actors of the electricity distribution grid and market. This will include services for next generation distributed renewable energy integration and active demand response. Three different applications will be developed for the different actors:Grid Management and Maintenance Master Framework for DSOs (G3M Framework), Energy Monitoring and Analysis App for domestic and industrial prosumers (EMA App) and DR Flexible Market cockpit for aggregators, ESCOs and retailers (DRFM cockpit).
  • The third action includes the deployment and demonstration of innovative solutions to lower the cost of the development and deployment of smart metering systems. NOBEL GRID will address this action at three different levels: Promoting and testing the concept of an Unbundled Smart Meter (USM), Developing and testing a new Smart Low-cost Advanced Meter (SLAM) and Interfacing with Smart Home Environments and Building Management Systems (BMS).

Figure 1. a)Diagram of CHIL topology in ICCS/NTUA Laboratory b)Single-phase (left) and three-phase (right) power inverter interfaces

Project overview

Nobel Grid Impact for ICCS / NTUA :

ICCS/NTUA will contribute in Nobel Grid by providing advanced grid and management tools in order to predict and prevent undesirable situations and ensure the secure operation of the network. The experience gained by the participation in Nobel Grid will be enormous, as ICCS/NTUA will exploit these results for further research. For ICCS/NTUA Nobel Grid has provided:

  • Invaluable experience in:

-The development and design of new elements for the smart grids(PV and battery inverter, smart meters)

-The implementation of algorithms for optimization and secure operation of both power and ICTs networks (3F load flow algorithm, coordinated voltage control)

-The ability to run real-life pilots in several European cities

  • Support the research of postdoctoral researchers (I. Vlachos, Ch. Papadimitriou, A. Dimeas)
  • Support the doctoral research of five PhD students (A. Vasilakis, K. Mavrogenou, V. Kleftakis, A. Rigas, N. Koutsoukis) who will contribute to the project.
  • Publication of conference and journal papers is in progress
  • Provided funding for the acquisition of new equipment, including5 batteries in Meltemi Test Site, PV and battery inverter, 100 SLAMs and SMXs.
  • Cooperation with some of the key players along the energy value chain to develop technologies and services for Smart Grids’ optimum operation.

For more information please contact at NTUA: Professor N.Xatziargyriou, Tel. +30 210 7723661, Email address: