The NTUA Campus Exterior Lighting system @Lighting Laboratory of ECE-NTUA

The NTUA Campus Exterior Lighting system embraces a new era in terms of Energy Efficiency, performance and lighting quality.

The lighting system was recently renovated with the use of new LED Lights that meet the highest performance standards in terms of optical and energy efficiency.

The exterior lighting of NTUA comprised

  • Lighting of the Campus's Ring Roads
  • Lighting of the Campus's exterior leisure and walking areas such as squares
  • Lighting of the Campus's extended bicycle lanes

The new lighting system ensures the proper visibility of the users at night and their safety.

Furthermore, all the luminaires in the campus, are connected to a lighting management platform, which ensures that each lighting point is monitored and supervised. The system is based on the latest interoperable technologies such as TALQ and UCIFI.

The system provides the ability of future expansion and connection with PIR sensors, so that the lighting is adjusted on presence or no presence of users, whilst maintaining the minimum lighting levels for safety reasons.

Moreover the lighting systems provides:

  • Control of each lighting point or set of group lighting points according to users preference.
  • Configuration and deployment of Automations according to users requirements
  • Alarms and reports
  • Adaptive lighting programs
  • Each luminaire is equipped with an RFID tag, which is read by the lighting controller, providing a seamless and automatic asset management tool.

The NTUA new lighting system ensures the proper visibility at night creating a safe and welcoming environment for the students, faculty members and visitors.

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