Unmet Clinical Challenges

"Unmet Clinical Challenges" is a series of small events organized by the IEEE EMBS Chapter. These are meetings with biomedical experts where they will discuss their area of ​​expertise and the challenges they face in their work and come up with ways of how we, as engineers, can help. The purpose of these meetings is to achieve a productive discussion that will provide food for thought for our fellow students regarding their contribution to the field of biomedicine.

This Friday, on the 28th of April, at 3pm in classroom 001 at the new building of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering NTUA, Zografou, Dr. Alkis Psychogios will visit us and have a talk with us on the subject of Neurology.

To sign up, follow the link below: https://forms.gle/vK6A3Tvv5mDTSBPZ8