Online Webinar on the APEX educational program focusing on renewable energy and smart grids

In the framework of ‘APEX – Smart Management Hub of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency', an educational program aiming to raise environmental awareness among students and teachers in the secondary education level, 3 short courses have been developed on the topics of climate change, renewable energy and smart grids and energy efficiency. Apart from theory, the pupils have constructed a fully functional small wind turbine from scratch (blades, generator etc).

Two off-grid microgrids (hubs) with PVs, wind turbine and batteries have been installed in two high schools in Greece (Sivitanidio school and 1st EPAL school of Mytilene). These hubs are used for educational experiments and can also be monitored remotely. Moreover, Arduino technology exercises and 3D printing exercises have been developed, while kits for energy efficiency and smart grids can be borrowed to other schools. The two hubs aim also to attract visitors from other schools.

We are pleased to invite you on 27th of September at 19:00 to an online webinar covering the topics of the project: Climate Change, Renewable Energy Sources, Smart Grids and Energy Saving. The event will be held at the Microsoft Teams platform in the following link:

More information about the project can be found on our website and in our newly released APEX video:

The project is funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation - HFRI