Enlit on the road visited the Electric Systems Laboratory of ECE NTUA

Enlit is an end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of the energy agenda. Enlit investigates how the energy transition is manifesting in different European cities and regions by meeting with key players that are at the forefront of this transition in a particular region. It covers their unique stories and shares their insights and lessons learned with the Enlit community. Enlit on the Road visited the Electric Energy Systems Laboratory of ECE at the National Technical University of Athens, to delve into their pioneering research and innovation in the energy transition.

The research and educational activities of the laboratory address various challenges on power system transition, with a particular focus on smart grids. The laboratory has a long history of research and education on distributed energy resources integration and control. A prototype microgrid has been installed in the lab, serving as a live test experimental field. Advanced algorithms for forecasting, planning, operation, demand response, control and protection have been developed and tested in various pilot sites in the framework of European funded programs in Greece and abroad, including applications for rural electrification.

The video of the Enlit site visit can be accessed in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyJrS2gt_XA&t=425s

More information about the visit can be found in Enlit