Business Administration

This Inter-University MBA Program known as “Athens MBA” is based on the collaboration of two of the highest ranked Universities in Greece, the National Technical University of Athens and Athens University of Economics & Business, a collaboration of high value to the MBA-type studies. The Participating Schools are: School of Mechanical Engineering (Coordinator),Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering from NTUA and Departments of: Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, Management and Marketing from AUEB.

The Program aims at providing participants with a strong foundation in the disciplines and functions of management and the opportunity to develop a broad range of knowledge and business skills. Particular emphasis is put on helping the students develop the necessary personal management, career and leadership skills in order to succeed in their managerial career.

The program is part-time and is addressed to employees with three years' professional experience. The duration of studies is five semesters. In the first four semesters students attend 20 courses while in the fifth, they work on their Postgraduate Thesis.

For further information, you could refer to the program's website.