Materials Science and Technology

The Materials Science and Technology Course is an Interdisciplinary Programmein the materials field aimed at engineers and scientists. It is organized by the following NTUA Schools: Chemical Engineering – coordinator, Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

Knowledge of this field is of great importance to any country economy (industry, small and medium-sized enterprises etc.) and supports other activities as well (energy production and distribution, construction etc.). The course enables participants to attain a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of materials science and technology, introduces them to the design and production of novel materials and helps them acquire the skills and knowledge needed to contribute directly and successfully to the development of research, or to the industrial sector. Furthermore, the availability of such a course will provide a fresh impetus in materials research in Greece. During the first two Semesters optional courses are selected from one of the two sections:Section A “Materials Science” (design, production, structure, properties and applications of materials from a scientific point of view) and Section B “Materials Technology” (technological perspective of the same topics as Section A), while during the third semester Post Graduate students have to prepare their Thesis.