Ioanna Charitou

Division of Information Transmission Systems and Material Technology

Research Interests

  1. Technical support concerning the laboratory exercises (electronic prescriptions, medical file etc), the diploma theses and the publications of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory.
  2. Management of all funded projects (european, national and subcontracts with third parties) which are being implemented by the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory and are related to medical informatics and biomedical engineering. Specifically, the tasks undertaken are:
  • Participation in the projects’ implementation at the technical level and with reference to the subject of medical informatics (carrying out studies, requirements analyses, application design and implementation, testing)
  • Financial management of the projects
  • Coordination, support and follow-up of the projects in collaboration with all the involved partners and funding bodies.
  • Support of all audits
  • Support to the lab team during the proposals’ submission periods
  • File keeping
  1. Administrative responsible for the support and application of the ISO 9001/2008 at the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory.