Sociology of Science and Technology

Code 9.1.3028.1
Semester 1st
Category Obligatory by selection
Credits 2
Class Hours - Lab Hours 2 - 0
Lecturers Magdalini Maniou (School of AMPS)
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How and where do we come across science and technology in our everyday life? This course is about the multiple ways that technoscience meets society. Drawing on STS approaches, the course is divided into three themes.

  1. We explore the ways science and technology get communicated through classical and social medial, science channels and the web. The recent emphasis on audio visual mediums in order to communicate science and technology to different audiences raised questions about the power of communication over the relationship between technoscience and society.
  2. We investigate the different spaces such as the museum or the cinema where science and technology meets the public.
  3. Focusing particularly on nuclear technoscience, we explore the ways nuclear accidents have been communicated and thus projected political, economic and social interests.

The course is heavily based on audiovisual mediums. Students are encouraged to choose an alternative to the classical exams by leading and submitting and audiovisual project.