Physics I (Mechanics)

Code 9.4.3049.1
Semester 1st
Category Obligatory
Credits 6
Class Hours - Lab Hours 5 - 0
Lecturers Konstantinos Farakos (School of AMPS), Ioannis Raptis (School of AMPS)
Links MyCourses
Web Platform Class 1: Webex


The laws of Physics, in terms of differential and vector calculus. Kinematics in one dimension. Kinematics in two and three dimensions. Newton Laws. Equation of motion. Momentum, conservation of momentum. The Galilei transformation. Inertial and Non-Inertial frames (systems of Reference). Work, kinetic and potential energy. Conservative forces. Conservation of Energy. Conservation Principles and Symmetry. Collisions. Center of mass. The dynamics of systems with variable mass. Angular momentum. Torque of a Force. Center of gravity. Conservation of angular momentum. Dynamics of the rigid body. Moment of inertia. Gravity. Central Forces, Kepler's laws. Vibrations. Simple harmonic oscillator. Damped oscilatoe (critical, over-, under-critical), Forced oscillator and Resonance. Coupled Oscillators and Normal Modes. 1-Dimensional elastic medium, wave differential equation and wave velocity. Reflection, Normal modes of 1-Dimensional wave medium with different boundary conditions.