Mathematical Analysis I (Functions of one variable)

Code 9.2.3131.1
Semester 1st
Category Obligatory
Credits 6
Class Hours - Lab Hours 5 - 0
Lecturers Nikolaos Giannakakis (School of AMPS), Ioannis Tsinias (School of AMPS)
Links MyCourses
Web Platform Class 1: Webex


The real and complex number systems. Sequences. Infinite series. The limit concept and continuity. Differentiation. Properties of differentiable functions. Extremal problems. Applications. Inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. Elements of differential equations. Taylor's theorem. Taylor and Maclaurin series. Power series. Indefinite integrals. The Riemann integral. Improper integrals. Applications in geometry and physics. Laplace transform, the Gamma function.