Applied and Computational Electromagnetics

Code 3.1.3296.6
Semester 6th
Flow T - Electromagnetic Waves and Telecommunication
Category Obligatory by selection
Credits 5
Class Hours - Lab Hours 4 - 0
Lecturers John Roumeliotis, John Tsalamengas


Solution of Laplace equation in cylindrical and spherical coordinates by separation of variables. Conformal mapping (complex analytical functions. Mobius and Schwarz-Christoffel transformations). Laplace equation for the scalar magnetic potential and its applications in the calculation of magnetostatic fields. Electric and vector magnetic potentials in time varying fields (definitions, Lorentz condition, wave equation and Helmholtz equation, applications). Calculation of electromagnetic forces with the use of electromagnetic stresses. Maxwell equations for slow time variations (quasistatics, connection with circuit theory, applications).