Code 9.4.3302.7
Semester 7th
Flow F - Physics
Category Obligatory by selection
Credits 4
Class Hours - Lab Hours 2 - 2
Lecturers Ioanna Zergioti (School of AMPS)
Web Platform Class 1: Webex


Physical optics, photons, optical properties of solids, optical absorption mechanisms, photoconductivity mechanisms, optical and optoelectronic materials, spontaneous and stimulated emission, absorption, fluorescence, phosphorescence, luminescence, coherent and incoherent sources, displays, radiation detectors, noise and electronics of detectors, CCDs, image intensifiers, I2 devices, thermal imagers, couplers, modulators, liquid crystals, plasma devices, integrated optics, optical bistability, photonic logic, photomultipliers, phototransistors, photothyristors, vidicons, introduction to optical fibers - optical communications, introduction to lasers and their applications. The course includes laboratory exercises.