Prof. G. Matsopoulos’ scientific breakthrough in biomedical engineering and cancer screening

We are thrilled to announce that Prof. G. Matsopoulos’ scientific breakthrough – DIOPTRA test - is shaping the future of healthcare.

Read more in the publication below:

DIOPTRA Project Description

DIOPTRA is an ambitious HORIZON Europe project aiming to introduce a front-line screening tool that will consider risk factors and protein biomarkers for pinpointing individuals at a high risk for colorectal cancer (CRC) incidence. Tissue & blood samples will be examined towards a discriminative set of prognostic proteins that are detectable via standard bloodwork and can indicate a need for further evaluation (i.e. colonoscopy). Other data (e.g. medical, behavioural) will also be considered as potential risk factors. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be leveraged for assessing prognostic power, while personalised behavioural change will be promoted based on modifiable risk factors. Given the low citizen participation on CRC screening across EU, DIOPTRA seeks to broaden the evaluated population, boosting participation rates and bypassing age screening thresholds.