Electromagnetic Compatibility

Code 220
Semester Spring
Class Hours - Lab Hours 3 - 0


Definitions. Types of electromagnetic interference. EMC directives, Self-certification procedure. Technical construction-file procedure. Radiation from planar structures. Openings. Transmission network. Radiator feeds, Measurements of basic antenna characteristics. Inductive coupling. Radiative coupling. Absorbing materials and structures. Anechoic chambers. Near-field measurements, Analysis of electromagnetic interference. Common- and differential-mode emission models. Models of emission from digital currents. Transmission-line and printed-circuit interference models, theoretical analysis of shielding systems. Practical consideration of shielding systems. Conducting-path interference. Crosstalk and electromagnetic coupling. Analysis of coupled-line geometries. Analysis in the frequency domain. Low-frequency model for electronic circuits. Loosely coupled lines. Coupling via a common resistor. Analysis in the time domain. Equivalent lumped circuits. Estimation of per-unit-length parameters. Crosstalk in printed circuits. Concise description of IEC/EN EMC, Open-field test site. Mathematical model and basic definitions. Error corrections in the FCC prototype. Measurement of SA using antenna factors. Analysis of correction terms. OATS. Comparison between OATS and other measurement facilities.